Apta-1 improves survival rate and blood circulation in a clinical model relevant for sepsis

Aptahem (publ) can today announce a positive outcome from a study performed in collaboration with Hooke Laboratories (US). The study evaluated the pharmaceutical candidate Apta-1 in a clinically relevant model for sepsis which showed a significant improvement in survival rates with an increased and revitalized blood circulation in the test animals when applied intravenously. The study is an integral part of Aptahem’s ongoing evaluation process, and new studies have been initiated with Hooke Laboratories.

Aptahem (publ) can today announce a positive outcome from a study where the pharmaceutical candidate Apta-1 has been evaluated in a clinically relevant model for sepsis. The results of the study show a significant improvement in survival rates with an increased and revitalized blood circulation in test animals where Apta-1 was administered intravenously. Furthermore, the intravenous administration of Apta-1 resulted in a significantly higher positive impact on clinical biomarkers pertaining to organ health and inflammation.

CEO of Aptahem Mikael Lindstam comments, “Today’s results not only demonstrate the unique potential of Apta-1 and its unique combined effect profile, but is the result of several months’ worth of intense evaluation efforts that the company has performed with our competent scientific council. I can say with pride that Aptahem’s current standing is stronger than ever, and we continue aiming higher.

The study was conducted by the renowned Hook Laboratories (US) and the final rapport was received by Aptahem last week. The applied illness model is the most established preclinical model for sepsis. The illness was induced through injection of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and was followed by two instances of administration of Apta-1. Two different dosages were tested and both displayed a positive outcome. The combined results show that intravenous administration of Apta-1 results in a significantly improved survival rate and a clear improvement of clinically relevant factors for sepsis. Apta-1 demonstrated a surprisingly positive effect on blood pressure levels in the test animals compared to the control group.

The chairman of Aptahem’s scientific council, Anders Bylock, PHD, MD, comments, “The study shows very positive results in significantly improved survival rates with intravenous treatment as well as signs of a considerably enhanced circulatory system. Apta-1 was tested in an illness model where test animals develop chemically induced sepsis and is one of the most well-established preclinical models in the industry.

The study is an integral part of Aptahem’s present evaluation work and a further study has been initiated in which Apta-1 is being tested in a greater number of test animals and different dose concentrations and intervals by Hooke Laboratories.

Further information about sepsis
Sepsis is an acute emergency condition that develops when the body’s immune system reacts heavily to an infection of pathogens which can involve bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasites. The immune system responds to the infection by releasing a set of inflammatory substances that harms blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, which in turn restricts the oxygen supply to vital organs, and can eventually lead to fatal organ dysfunction. Likewise, a critical issue is overactive coagulation, in which the formation of blood clots further restricts circulation and the oxygen supply to vital organs such as the kidneys and lungs. Sepsis is a life-threatening condition in which inflammation and coagulation interact and it is one of the leading causes of death in emergency wards across the West. Sepsis is ranked as the third largest cause of death globally.

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About Aptahem
Aptahem AB (APTA) is a biotechnology company that develops aptamer-based pharmaceuticals for the treatment of life-threatening conditions in which a combination of coagulation and inflammation are involved. The company’s primary pharmaceutical candidate, Apta-1, is being developed with the aim of preventing the high mortality rate caused by organ and tissue damage in sepsis patients, among others. The company possesses patent protection in strategic target markets and actively seeks business development opportunities with potential collaborators.