About Aptahem

Aptahem AB (publ) is a clinical stage biotechnology company that develops RNA-based pharmaceuticals, also referred to as aptamers, for the treatment of acute, life-threatening conditions in which a combination of coagulation, inflammation and tissue damage are involved. Aptahem’s goal is to address the global medical need of treatments for sepsis and other acute inflammatory conditions.

The company’s lead candidate, Apta-1, is currently in early clinical phase. Apta-1 has in preclinical studies, by its anti-thrombotic, immunomodulating and tissue repairing characteristics, shown very positive and promising results as treatment for sepsis and critical conditions associated with sepsis. This has found the base for the company’s great ambitions to build a broad portfolio of a new generation of aptamer-based treatments.

Aptahem’s ambition is to develop its RNA-aptamer technology and to build a platform portfolio with top-class multi-mechanistic solutions to meet large medical needs on a long-term basis.


Aptahem will deliver best in class RNA-based drugs for sepsis and other severe inflammatory conditions, thereby saving patients’ lives and improving treatment options.


Aptahem develops RNA-based drugs with focus on demonstrating the potential benefits of its lead candidate Apta-1 in patients with sepsis/septic shock and severe inflammatory conditions where there is a high unmet medical need.

Business Strategy

Aptahem’s strategy is to take drug candidates through early development phase and find license or collaboration partners for late development phase and market approval.

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Business Model

The company implements a cost-effective competence strategy by recruiting core positions and consultants with documented expertise in their fields within business management, pharmaceutical development, clinical trials, regulatory procedure, licensing and patent applications.

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Since Aptahem was founded in 2014, the company has achieved several milestones on its way to develop a unique treatment for severe inflammatory conditions, such as sepsis.

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