Scientific Collaborations

Aptahem collaborates with academic groups around the world to develop the company’s drug candidates within as many indications as possible, within the range of the candidates’ multi-mechanistic actions.

Aptahem welcomes collaborations with academic groups around the world where their RNA therapeutic candidate can be studied in conditions including coagulation, inflammation or immunomodulation. The sepsis area and its several diversity of sickness conditions remain the main focus for Aptahem’s development program for Apta-1.

Consortium with Örebro University

Since May 2022, Aptahem is part of a consortium with, amongst others, Örebro University, funded by the KK Foundation. The aim of the new consortium is to evaluate new treatments to reduce inflammation in cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer.

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Seattle Children’s Research Institute (SCRI)

Aptahem collaborates with SCRI to study how the interphase of pathogen/bacteria elimination and anaphylactic shock is affected by Apta-1.

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University Health Network (UHN)

UHN in Toronto is studying the interphase Pentraxin-3 (PTX-3), inflammation and pathogen recognition related to corona viruses.

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Definition of sepsis
According to the updated definition from 2016, sepsis is not a specific illness but rather a collection of diseases (a syndrome). Typical symptoms include conditions where coagulation, inflammation, cytokine release and also central nervous system dysfunction are present.

Complex condition
Due to this complexity of the condition, there is a need for research in a variety of areas to be able to understand what sepsis can cause in the body. Aptahem has therefore entered several collaborations with world-leading academic groups around the world, where each group performs specific studies with Apta-1 to understand the different parts.

Collaboration with academic groups
To secure and extend the Company’s intellectual properties, Aptahem always explores patent potentials of new results generated from the scientific collaborations. Further, Aptahem transfers the new knowledge to scientific community in form of presentations and posters at conferences as well as in form of scientific publications.

Access to top-class laboratories
Aptahem has access to a laboratory facility located at SmiLe Incubator, Medicon Village, Lund, Sweden. The SmiLe business incubator is part of the EU-funded Open Lab Skåne project, providing access to general laboratory facilities as well as specific and very advanced equipment. The lab is suitable for small studies on clinical samples, it is also used to pre-test and troubleshoot preclinical stage issues. This approach proofed beneficial in terms of improved project designs as well as guidance of collaborators.