Disruptive treatments for acute, inflammatory diseases such as sepsis

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VD Mikael Lindstam skickar en hälsning från BIO International Convention

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Avstämningsdag för sammanläggning av aktier i Aptahem

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Extraordinary General Meeting June 2024

All information and documents for the extraordinary general meeting June 2024

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Aptamers are synthetic fragments of nucleic acid polymers which lack genetic information. They are the only known alternative to antibodies. Unlike antibodies, aptamers are synthetically produced, without any trace of endotoxin or other biological impurities as well as showing low immunogenicity.

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Apta-1 in clinical phase

Disruptive in-house research showing the aptamer Apta-1’s uniqe multi-mechanistic profile. Apta-1 is currently in clinical phase 1 for the indication sepsis.

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Investor Relations

Sepsis represents the highest healthcare costs of all critical conditions. In USA the yearly cost is estimated to 62 billion USD for the treatment and care of sepsis patients. Today there is no efficient treatment available.

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About Aptahem and sepsis

Aptahem is a biotechnology company that develops RNA-based pharmaceuticals for the treatment of acute, life-threatening conditions in which a combination of coagulation, inflammation and tissue damage are involved. The company’s lead candidate, Apta-1, is currently in early clinical phase with the main indication sepsis and other acute inflammatory conditions. This medical condition affects yearly 50 million people around the world and is lethal for more than 20-25% of these. Aptahem’s goal is to address the global medical need of treatments for sepsis and critical conditions associated with sepsis.

Today there is no treatment for sepsis or septic shock but only supporting treatment to maintain a healthy blood pressure and to improve oxygenation to prevent organ failure.

Video from Global Sepsis Alliance

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Financial Calendar

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    Half-year Report Q2 2024


Interview with Mangold Fondkommission (in swedish)