Research and Development

Aptahem conducts in-house research and development work, partly by project leading collaboration partners and partly by performing own laboratory studies at SmiLe Incubator, Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. The company is hence entirely independent from other parties, and owns all processes, results and intellectual property.

Scientific Collaborations

Aptahem’s team provides leadership, coordination and guidance to its network of research collaborations, as well as designs, sets up and oversees the research projects.

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Apta-1 in Sepsis

Apta-1 has in several preclinical studies shown a multi-target mechanism of action which differs from many of the currently available treatments for sepsis. Apta-1 is in early clinical phase.

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Aptahem and LGC Biotechnologies have together developed a world-leading process for manufacturing of aptamers. Development of the formulation of the investigational product is conducted in collaboration with Recipharm.

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