Aptahem reports added positive and significant biological effect in an extended Corona virus-induced acute lung injury model treated with Apta-1


Aptahem can today announce that the Toronto team, in extended studies in addition to previously reported positive preliminary data, has concluded significant positive effects in a severe Corona virus induced Acute Lung Injury model with Apta-1 treatment. The preliminary results show that Apta-1 significantly reduces hemmoraghes (bleeding) in the lung tissue, suppress hemolysis and inflammatory response including keeping vital organs in good health. Results are now being prepared in a manuscript for scientific publication.

Research commissioned by Aptahem has further confirmed Apta-1’s positive effect on a severe viral lung model and added statistical significant data with these additional results. This shows the potential of Apta-1 and its broadness to handle pathogen driven severe inflammatory situations.

Aptahem will now conclude and finalize the results in preparing a manuscript comprising this and previous data into a potential publication. Further collaboration is being discussed to see how it could support Aptahem’s continued growth as a clinical company.

Dr Mikael Lindstam, CEO at Aptahem comments: “These preliminary significant effects we see from this severe viral lung model confirms and strengthen our argument for Apta-1’s unique potential as a drug candidate towards potential partners. As our clinical journey just begun this will add further understanding to the upcoming clinical results as well as potential interesting indications.”

Dr Luiza Jedlina, CSO at Aptahem, comments: “We are very happy to see the powers of Apta-1 preliminary confirmed in this additional study. It is encouraging to take part of these new results showing that Apta-1 inhibits hemorrhage connected with vasculitis and diffuse alveolar hemorrhage (DAH), which is a life-threatening clinicopathological entity occurring in an acute respiratory failure in the lungs. These results yet again strengthen our belief in Apta-1 as a unique multimechanistic drug candidate, potentially suited for severe inflammatory conditions.”

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