Patent and Intelectual Property Rights

Patent protection secured in key markets

The company’s intellectual property portfolio consists of several approved patents and patent applications based on unique chemical compounds in the form of aptamer-based drug candidates and their applications. The drug candidates are protected by the strongest form of patent protection in the pharmaceutical industry, entailing that the unique RNA aptamers hold product patent protection.

For recently acquired patentable technology, Aptahem strategically plans to apply for patents in countries that are expected to become key markets for the company in the future. Currently, the following markets are being considered: Europe, the US, Canada and certain important markets in Asia and the rest of the world. The company intends to apply for additional patents in the event that the Board considers that the company should strengthen the intellectual property portfolio further.

Patent family 1

Region Application number Application date Expiration date Status
Europe 09708523.7 2009-02-05 2029-02-05 Approved
USA 12/866413 2009-02-05 2029-02-05 Approved
Canada 2714121 2009-02-05 2029-02-05 Approved
China 20098011646.4 2009-02-05 2029-02-05 Approved
India 6250/DELNP/2010 2009-02-05 2029-02-05 Approved

Patent family 2

Region Application number Application date Expiration date Status
Brazil 11 2020 005995 1 2017-10-03 2037-10-03 Ongoing
Canada 3073364 2017-10-03 2037-10-03 Ongoing
China 2018800643106 2017-10-03 2037-10-03 Ongoing
Europe 18783424.7 2017-10-03 2037-10-03 Ongoing
Israel 273759 2017-10-03 2037-10-03 Ongoing
Japan 2020-519806 2017-10-03 2037-10-03 Ongoing
South Korea 10-2020-7007266 2017-10-03 2037-10-03 Ongoing
USA 16/652,926 2017-10-03 2037-10-03 Ongoing