BioStock article: Aptahem signs agreement with CRO for phase I studies


BioStock published an article on 23 May 2022 about Aptahem, which can be read in full below. Aptahem has entered into an agreement with a clinical contract research organisation in the Netherlands for the implementation of the upcoming phase...

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Aptahem enters agreement with international clinical CRO for phase 1 studies with Apta-1


Aptahem (publ) announces today that the company has signed an agreement with the clinical contract research organization (CRO) The Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR) in the Netherlands to perform the upcoming phase 1 studies with Apta-1. By entering...

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Aptahem enters new consortium financed by the KK Foundation


Aptahem (publ) today announce that the company enters a consortium together with Örebro University, Attgeno AB, BioReperia AB, Buzzard Pharmaceuticals AB, Lipum AB, Thermo Fisher Scientific och Toleranzia AB. The newly established consortium aims to evaluate new treatments to...

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