Positive preclinical results

Aptahem’s drug candidate, Apta-1, is based on a group of synthetic biomolecules, aptamers. Apta-1 is an entirely new type of drug candidate that has been demonstrated to be non-toxic and to inhibit the formation of blood clots and inflammation. Pre-clinical trials have shown Apta-1’s unique characteristics have a significantly superior side effect profile compared to leading products on the market with the same indicators.

Anti-thrombotic effects

Results from pre-clinical trials show that Apta-1 has positive effects on a number of key factors related to the coagulation process, and that this occurs through an entirely new and unique mechanism of action.

Apta-1’s anti-coagulation effects, such as reducing blood coagulants’ growth and reducing their size, occur at non-toxic doses.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Pre-clinical trials conducted with Apta-1 to identify the substance’s anti-inflammatory properties suggest a positive effect profile that clearly differentiates it from the comparative reference drug dexamethasone, for example.

Apta-1 inhibits several inflammatory factors, while considerably stimulating certain parts of the body’s own anti-inflammatory defences.

Non-toxic profile

To date, Apta-1 has not shown any toxicity or side effects even at 500 mg/kg intravenously administered in animals. The company is currently conducting trials with higher doses to map Apta-1’s side effect profile.