Patent and Intelectual Property Rights

Based on unique new chemical compounds

Aptahems intellectual property consist mainly of a patent portfolio that includes, drug candidates in the form of aptamers that interact with the vascular and blood systems coagulation mechanism.

Aptahem intends to apply for additional patents on new discoveries made, where it is considered appropriate to strengthen the company’s intellectual property protection. The company may also obtain licenses from external sources.

Aptahems main asset is a patent family shown in the table below. The company’s patent applications and granted patents are based on unique new chemical compounds. The compounds have a strong patent protection, that covers the unique RNA aptamers. Aptahems intellectual property strategy is to apply for patents in the countries deemed the most important markets for the establishment of the company. At present, this is Europe, USA, Canada, China and India.

Region Application number Application date Expiration date Status
Europe 09708523.7 2009-02-05 2029-02-05 Approved
USA 12/866413 2009-02-05 2029-02-05 Approved
Canada 2714121 2009-02-05 2029-02-05 Approved
China 20098011646.4 2009-02-05 2029-02-05 Approved
India 6250/DELNP/2010 2009-02-05 2029-02-05 Ongoing