Antithrombotic drugs

Aptahem will initially develop a drug candidate for the treatment of stroke (blood clot). Many of the blockbuster antithrombotic drugs available on the market today have recently lost their patent protection, which has led to prices being driven down by the availability of more affordable generic medicines. Aptahem’s goal is to create new effective antithrombotic drugs that have better safety profile and have no side effects than the drugs available today.

Since Heparin is one of the most widely used drugs against blood clots, Aptahem initially decided to compare their candidate Apta-1 with heparin, but since 2015 the company has also conducted comparative studies with the market leader Xarelto (rivaroxaban).
Future development and investigation of the anticoagulant mechanism of Aptahem’s drug candidates, may lead to additional treatment areas being identified and pursued by Aptahem.