Development Partners

World leaders in their fields

 To drive the development of Apta-1 in the most cost-effective manner, while keeping set schedules, Aptahem collaborates with various consultants and contract research laboratories around the world. Aptahem’s partners are world leaders in their fields, and they meet the, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice, (GMP) requirements required by Aptahem.


The Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology has the highest rankings for European research institutes, A +, and is among the leaders in molecular neurobiology, having two “European Centres of Excellence”.
This collaboration will enable the implementation of a thorough evaluation of Apta-1’s biological effects. It will, among other things, help to clarify the anti-inflammatory properties of Apta-1. It is these anti-inflammatory properties that are central to the successful treatment of diseases where harmful activation of the immune system is present, such as sepsis or a wide spectrum of autoimmune disease.


BioSpring, based in Frankfurt, Germany is a leading provider for oligonucleotide manufacturing and analytical services. The oligonucleotides are supplied to the global biotech and pharma industry for R&D, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications. The API manufacturing capacities range from small scale up to hundreds-of-kg commercial scale. BioSpring is cGMP-certified and has passed successfully an FDA pre-approval inspection for an analytical oligonucleotide program. BioSpring also offers a wide range of technical services that will support Aptahem´s development work.

Red Glead Discovery

Red Glead Discovery is a CRO offering drug discovery services to clients in the Life Science area. Focusing on small molecules and peptides, our service platform ranges from custom synthesis and medicinal chemistry to biology, ADME and bioanalysis.

Red Glead is working on the formulation and stability for Aptahem’s lead candidate drug, Apta-1.

SmiLe Incubator

Aptahem hires a spot in SmiLe Incubator’s laboratory facilities at Medicon Village in Lund, as part of the EU-financed project Open Lab Skåne, to carry out some experiments and tests on its own. The laboratory, equipped with the latest equipment, enables Aptahem to test new theories and concepts around Apta-1. The availability of SmiLe saves a lot of time and resources while there is a large network to be part of.

Truly Translational Sweden AB

Truly Translational Sweden AB has an experienced team of consultants providing drug development and business development consultancy services.

We help our customers translate preclinical projects into clinical success and offer services in three main areas: 1) strategic planning, 2) preclinical pharmacology and 3) personalized medicine

Truly Labs AB is a pre-clinical CRO that provides customized in vitro and in vivo services.

Aptahem and Truly collaborate on the preclinical drug development and safety programme for Apta-1.


Axolabs is a custom research organization providing high-end preclinical solutions and consultancy in the field of oligonucleotide therapeutics and nucleic acid medicines.

Axolabs is developing a bioanalytical method for analyzing Aptahem’s lead candidate Apta-1.


Accelera supports all stages of the Drug Discovery and Development process to translate new chemical entities into novel medicines.

Accelera is performing the non-clinical toxicology program on Aptahem’s lead candidate Apta-1.


PKxpert AB provides consultancy services & scientific expert knowledge to pharmaceutical companies in areas: pharmacokinetics, toxicokinetics (according to GLP), drug metabolism and ADME, regulatory documentation, project management and quality assurance (QA) activities according to GxP, including audits and SOP documentation.


Hooke Laboratories is a full-service pre-clinical contract research organization (CRO) specializing in rodent models of inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

Hooke Laboratories work together with Aptahem in in vivo animal models.