Development Partners

World leaders in their fields

To drive the development of Apta-1 in the most cost-effective manner, while keeping set schedules, Aptahem collaborates with various consultants and contract research laboratories around the world. Aptahem’s partners are world leaders in their fields, and they meet the, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice, (GMP) requirements required by Aptahem.


IHIT, Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion in Warsaw, is Poland’s most prestigious research institute in hematology and a reference hospital. Aptahem and IHIT are working together to identify APTA-1’s inhibitory mechanisms in the coagulation system. Professor Jerzy Windyga, who leads the research at IHIT, is a board member of the WFH, the World Federation of Hemophilia.


The Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology has the highest rankings for European research institutes, A +, and is among the leaders in molecular neurobiology, having two “European Centres of Excellence”.

This collaboration will enable the implementation of a thorough evaluation of APTA-1’s biological effects. It will, among other things, help to clarify the anti-inflammatory properties of APTA-1. It is these anti-inflammatory properties that are central to the successful treatment of diseases like stroke.

Accelero bioanalytics

Accelero bioanalytics GmbH in Berlin have, together with Aptahem, already developed a new and efficient method for analyzing APTA-1 in biological materials like plasma or tissues. The method, which has been developed in accordance with regulatory guidelines, meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical authorities’.

Red Glead Discovery

Red Glead Discovery is a CRO offering drug discovery services to clients in the Life Science area. Focusing on small molecules and peptides, our service platform ranges from custom synthesis and medicinal chemistry to biology, ADME and bioanalysis.

Red Glead is working on the formulation and stability for Aptahem’s lead candidate drug, Apta-1.


Toxicology Knowledge Team Sweden AB (TKT) offers highly specialized expertise within toxicology. Our clients range from recently started biotech enterprises to global pharma companies, including industrial pharmaceutical and chemical production.

TKT works with Aptahem’s toxicological programme for safety for Apta-1.

Truly Translational Sweden AB

Truly Translational Sweden AB has an experienced team of consultants providing drug development and business development consultancy services.

We help our customers translate preclinical projects into clinical success and offer services in three main areas: 1) strategic planning, 2) preclinical pharmacology and 3) personalized medicine

Truly Labs AB is a pre-clinical CRO that provides customized in vitro and in vivo services.

Aptahem and Truly collaborate on the preclinical drug development and safety programme for Apta-1.

Pharm Assist

A Regulatory Service Provider which was founded in 1996. Pharm Assist acts as the regulatory affairs consultant for Aptahem’s products in the anti-coagulation area.

Junvik Clinical Development Consulting (JCDC)

Junvik Clinical Development Consulting AB (JCDC) is a Clinical Research Organization founded by Christina Junvik, CEO and consultant. JCDC provides expertise within clinical development and clinical operations, with a focus on early phase development and First-In-Human studies. Therapeutic focus indications are oncology, hematology and hemostasis.

JCDC is responsible for planning Aptahem’s clinical phase I/IIa studies.


Consulting company with assignments in drug development and management. Acts as the project lead of Aptahem’s development project.