In the pharmaceutical industry there are a large number of players and fierce competition. Most of the companies are significantly larger and have considerably more resources than Aptahem. A selection of the most important competitors are listed in the table below.

Xarelto (rivaroxaban), a prescription blood thinner, is the single biggest selling blood thinning drug globally, and has about a third of the market. Although it has been on the market for a long time, Heparin is still a well-used drug. All the above mentioned drugs stimulate bleeding as an unwanted and potentially dangerous side effect.

Rank Product Generic name Company Pharmacological class Patent expiry WW phase (current)
 1  Xarelto  rivaroxaban Bayer  Factor Xa inhibitor  oct 2024  Market
 2  Eliquis  apixaban Bristol-Myers Squibb  Factor Xa inhibitor  feb 2023  Market
 3  Xarelto  rivaroxaban Johnson & Johnson  Factor Xa inhibitor  oct 2024  Market
 4  Lovenox  enoxaparinsodium Johnson & Johnson  Heparin, low molecular weight (LMWH)  jul 2010  Market
 5  Pradaxa  dabigatranetexilatemesylate Boehringer ingelheim  Thrombin inhibitor  feb 2020  Market
 6  Lixiana  edoxabontosylate Daiichi Sankyo  Factor Xa inhibitor  –  Market
 7  Angiomax  bivalirudin The Medicines Company  Thrombin inhibitor  jun 2015  Market
 8  Fragmin  dalteparinsodium Pfizer  Heparin, low molecular weight (LMWH)  jan 2000  Market
 9  Betrixaban  betrixaban Portola Pharmaceuticals  Factor Xa inhibitor  dec 2023  Phase III
 10  Enoxaparin sodium  enoxaparinsodium Novartis  Heparin, low molecular weight (LMWH)  –  Market