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Treatment and prevention of diseases

Aptahem develops drug candidates for the treatment and prevention of diseases caused by the blocking of blood vessels, such as deep vein thrombosis, stroke and heart failure. The company holds patents for Canada, China, Europe and the US, and has a patent application pending in India.

Development of a new, safe, antithrombotic drug

Positive preclinical results indicate that Aptahem’s anticoagulant aptamers will enable the development of a new, safe, antithrombotic drug. The results also show that, compared to the drugs available today, treatment will result in a reduced risk of bleeding, it being essentially absent.



Pre-clinical trials show that Apta-1 inhibits several inflammatory factors, while simultaneously providing a strong stimulating effect on certain parts of the body’s own anti-inflammatory response mechanisms.

Pre-clinical trials have demonstrated that Apta-1 effectively inhibits the incidence of blood clots without an increase in bleeding.

Studies indicate that Apta-1 has an extremely high safety margin. The safe dose is at least 50 times higher than the proposed restated therapeutic dose in humans.


In-vivo and in-vitro trials show that Apta-1 does not result in bleeding at higher doses in contrast to market-leading products.


The company was formed.


Researchers Tina Persson and Johan Lindh, (experts in aptamer technology and parasite immunology respectively), discovered intriguing links between their respective areas of specialisation. A co-operation started that led to the development of a new class of chemically derived biomolecules, know as aptamers. Thanks to these aptamers, researchers saw potential new blood thrombolytic functions in malaria parasites’ ability to form blood clots in the brain.


Thrombosis, also known as blood clotting, is the medical name for the increased and unhealthy coagulation of blood clots that cause more than 30 per cent of all deaths worldwide. Thrombosis can occur as the result of genetic inheritance, or in conjunction with surgery, trauma, due to medication or as the result of diseases, such as cancer.

Strong Management Team

Aptahem’s business is based on a technology created from 17 years’ research at Lund University, six years of which were in co-operation with Karolinska Institutet and the Public Health Agency of Sweden. The co-operation led to the development of a new class of chemically derived synthetic biomolecules, known as aptamers, with negligible immune toxic side effects. With these aptamers researchers focused on the thrombolytic functions in malaria parasites’ capacity to form blood clots in the brain. Aptahem’s current CSO focused on this technology and extended it to include anti-coagulant indicators, thereby creating the commercial development tracks that became the start of Aptahem. Under the CSO’s leadership, Aptahem’s development team subsequently identified several positive characteristics of the company’s primary drug candidate, including aptamers’ strong anti-inflammatory qualities.